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Promotional Product Ideas for Realtors


Real estate agents are entrepreneurs who run their own business. You have the dual task of serving clients and building your brand. When you have a little extra free time, a good way to advertise your name is through a service like Pinnacle Awards & Promotions, promotional products. The right product can delight potential clients, while also being used for a long time. The more that clients use your product, the more visibility your company gains. Here are some promotional product ideas:

Key Tags
Here is an inexpensive option, key tags are used by people every day. We suggest choosing key tags in the shape of houses with your business name on them in bold print. All it takes is a glance for clients to know that your company is associated with real estate.

Pens can be handed out or used in your office, so they serve a very practical purpose. When a new client comes in, consider handing them a pen to sign a contract and tell them to keep it as a small gift. This promotes goodwill and reinforces brand identity every time they use it.

Coloring Books
Many home buyers have children and are always looking for something to entertain them. If new clients come into your office with little ones, you can help keep them distracted with a branded coloring book. Many printers offer customization options for their books. Pick out pictures of houses, businesses, and even For Sale Signs to fill its pages.

Also inexpensive and easy to customize, calendars are great product that many people use and look at daily. Realtors can hand out calendars to new clients or during open houses to remind potential buyers of their brand. You can find monthly or yearly printed paper calendars, or even purchase a more unusual type of calendar. Quality Logo Products offers a miniature house shaped calendar magnet for people to keep on their refrigerators.

Piggy Banks
A fun item is a house shaped bank that reminds buyers to save up for their home purchase. A cute piggy bank is a good gift for first-time clients or homebuyers. Printing your business name on the outside helps strengthen the connection between your brand and real estate for potential clients.

Tape Measure
Every homeowner needs a good sturdy tape measure. We also find that these are good annual gifts to give to contractors and home staging companies. A small gift like this doesn’t cost a lot, but it helps remind other contractors about your real estate agency. They may even be willing to throw some referrals your way or offer discounts on services later on.

Door Mats
When you help clients buy a home gift the new homeowners a doormat with your business name on it. Guests who enter that home will see the doormat and know that your agency is the one that closed the deal. This is a more expensive promotional item but well worth it for the long-term networking and potential for referrals.

How Art and Decor Could Help Sell Your House Faster


Is staging a house for sale just another way to get money out of a homeowner’s pocket? The act of decorating a house to make it sell faster actually does make sense when you understand what goes on in a buyer’s mind before they make the decision to bid on a house. Buying real estate is a very emotional decision. Yes, the numbers have some impact on the decision, but overall the most important factor taken into account by a potential buyer is if they can actually see themselves living in the house for many happy years to come.

How Home Decor Helps Them Feel Welcome We know that colors and spacing can promote a mood in your home that can help potential home buyers feel welcome. Artwork can give spaces a specific look and feel too and draw the eye to highlight features in a home. To increase buying appeal in your decorative efforts use:Light – If windows are blocked by overgrown trees, they are robbing you of buyers. The light that comes in to a home has to be maximized because as Barbara Corcoran, real estate magnum from Shark Tank, likes to put it: “Light sells homes.” Reduce draperies, window blinds, and bring in as much light as possible to sell that house. Schedule showings during the day. It may be in your best interest to hire a real estate agent to help with decor and placement.

Color – Maximize light with soft, neutral, colors. You might think bright white is the perfect color to maximize light, but the quality of light is important too. Home buyers want to be soothed into that purchase, so that off whites and beige tones are better for home sales. It gives homes a romantic and warm feel that brings out loving feelings in the buyer, unlike a harsh, bright, white that makes them feel like the space is cold and uninviting.

Space – Create the illusion of space to make a home look bigger. Reduce clutter to a minimum to create space. Make sure the furniture is positioned so as not to block traffic and thus feel like the space is jammed.

How To Add Fine Decor and Artwork Using These Design Elements

Now that we’ve told you how important it is to use light, color, and space to sell a home and why, you can use that information to position design pieces around the home in expert ways. You should remember to:

Use Small Numbers of Pieces – There is a rule of three, in that if you must have more than one decorative feature on a shelf or a wall, use the “Rule of Three” and group them in a collection of three pieces. This works great for large artwork in 3 panels on a blank wall or even for fine collectibles on a shelf or desk. Group them in groups of three around the home or use a single, large, piece of artwork to draw attention to a fireplace or large cathedral ceiling.

Space Them Correctly – Hang artwork at eye-level so that people walking into the room can easily view it. It also helps to make the ceilings look higher.

Use Soothing Themes and Tones – Go for soothing tones and themes that make anyone feel at home. Artwork with landscapes and flowers can bring the outdoors inside and make it seem like there is even more light in the house, like it’s an extra window looking outside.

How To Make It Look Like a Million Bucks

To understand how to use fine art and decor to make your house look like a million bucks, take a look at this video. We like the way it takes a totally empty space and walks you through the process of decorating it for sale and the reason some of the choices were made by the designer. By seeing how others have done it, you can imitate them and be well on your way to making your home sell faster with expert design and decorating advice from the masters.

Impact of Arts and Crafts on the Elderly

Get Them Active

Thanks to improved medicine and technology, people are currently living longer than they did in the past. However, as the age advances, priorities change and inhibitions increase. This makes it harder for the elderly to find impactful things that they can do and with the rest of family and friends busy getting their lives in order, things can get quite boring making it easy for the seniors to sink into a state of depression. As it would emerge, art and crafts has been identified as a great solution for most of the seniors and is not only being used in homes but also in senior care homes with plenty of benefits.

Sense of purpose

One of the greatest challenges that the elderly face is lacking their role in the society. They do not find how they are of help to the society and if not addressed in time, this is a fact that could lead to them losing the vigor to want to live on. Knowing that you live for something and that your life is making a change for others is a very crucial feeling. Given that they might not have the energy to go around doing charity work, art and crafts gives them a sense of purpose and helps to cut the lengthy days short. Art related activities help them to get back their problem solving abilities and develop a sense of pride once they are done with their creation and in the joy of knowing that they are still useful for something.

Health benefits

There is a myriad of health benefits that have been attached to the arts and crafts with regards to seniors. The impact that these activities have on the elderly are among the reasons why they have been adopted widely both in home care settings and in hospitals. Not only does arts help to alleviate boredom by keeping the seniors’ minds busy, it also helps to prevent depression which can quickly develop into other more serious conditions like low self-esteem. With the help of these activities, seniors are also able to work on their concentration, hand eye coordination and cognitive abilities which gives them a feeling of improvement and hope that they can still be able to do something with their lives.

Renewed priorities

Touching lives and knowing that you still have a great role to play even in old age can be a great feeling. A good number of seniors in their heydays were teachers, authors and even artists. Art and craft has provided them with a platform where they can use the skills that they have learned over time and teach them to others or even contribute to charities. Some of their work is sold and some donated to improve the lives of children which definitely gives them a reason to live.
Other than the renewed hope and a new purpose for life, the arts have given plenty of health benefits that includes relaxations, nurturing spirituality, boosting self-esteem, improving sensory stimulation, providing a sense of control among others. While it is a relatively new trait that health experts are looking into, it seems it might be one that might be applied on a wider scale to get even more elder to share in the positive impact that arts and crafts has brought.