Promotional Product Ideas for Realtors


Real estate agents are entrepreneurs who run their own business. You have the dual task of serving clients and building your brand. When you have a little extra free time, a good way to advertise your name is through a service like Pinnacle Awards & Promotions, promotional products. The right product can delight potential clients, while also being used for a long time. The more that clients use your product, the more visibility your company gains. Here are some promotional product ideas:

Key Tags
Here is an inexpensive option, key tags are used by people every day. We suggest choosing key tags in the shape of houses with your business name on them in bold print. All it takes is a glance for clients to know that your company is associated with real estate.

Pens can be handed out or used in your office, so they serve a very practical purpose. When a new client comes in, consider handing them a pen to sign a contract and tell them to keep it as a small gift. This promotes goodwill and reinforces brand identity every time they use it.

Coloring Books
Many home buyers have children and are always looking for something to entertain them. If new clients come into your office with little ones, you can help keep them distracted with a branded coloring book. Many printers offer customization options for their books. Pick out pictures of houses, businesses, and even For Sale Signs to fill its pages.

Also inexpensive and easy to customize, calendars are great product that many people use and look at daily. Realtors can hand out calendars to new clients or during open houses to remind potential buyers of their brand. You can find monthly or yearly printed paper calendars, or even purchase a more unusual type of calendar. Quality Logo Products offers a miniature house shaped calendar magnet for people to keep on their refrigerators.

Piggy Banks
A fun item is a house shaped bank that reminds buyers to save up for their home purchase. A cute piggy bank is a good gift for first-time clients or homebuyers. Printing your business name on the outside helps strengthen the connection between your brand and real estate for potential clients.

Tape Measure
Every homeowner needs a good sturdy tape measure. We also find that these are good annual gifts to give to contractors and home staging companies. A small gift like this doesn’t cost a lot, but it helps remind other contractors about your real estate agency. They may even be willing to throw some referrals your way or offer discounts on services later on.

Door Mats
When you help clients buy a home gift the new homeowners a doormat with your business name on it. Guests who enter that home will see the doormat and know that your agency is the one that closed the deal. This is a more expensive promotional item but well worth it for the long-term networking and potential for referrals.

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